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Transporting international shipments is a logistical challenge. Prepare your business to meet consumer demand on an international scale, with the help of fast, efficient, and cost-effective air freight services from the leading shipping and logistics companies in the UAE today – TFM Express.

Leverage our capabilities as one of the premier air cargo companies in Dubai today

TFM Express is a full-service logistics and shipping solutions provider offering a comprehensive range of services to meet the logistic challenges of businesses today. We offer fast and reliable international air freight services to enable your business to meet the expectations of its clients.
As an air freight services provider, we will structure a service package the meets the exact needs of your business. Part of that will be to develop a solid delivery schedule to ensure that your shipments are packaged, shipped, and delivered with utmost efficiency. We will work with you to arrange your shipments in order of urgency to establish priority levels, timelines, and logistic strategies.
We can also facilitate the special transport of controlled products into the UAE. Our air freight specialists can prepare complete import and export documentation in accordance to UAE rules and regulations to ensure that your business does not incur any government penalty. For bulk shipments, we can make special arrangements, so that you can get the best value possible.
Your business will also be assigned a dedicated point of contact, with whom you can coordinate your air shipment needs.

Ship your goods through trusted air freight services from TFM Express today

Let us know how we can help your business, contact TFM Express today. Feel free to call us on this number: 8008363. You can email also us at info@tfmex.com. Our customer support personnel are ready and waiting to assist you.