Cash on delivery service provider in Dubai

Small online shops and e-commerce businesses that do not have the capacity to deliver product orders and collect payment upon delivery can count on our professional COD services to get the job done.

If you are looking for a Cash on delivery service provider in Dubai, TFM Express has got you covered.

We can help your business grow with accessible and professional COD service in Dubai

More people are buying online in the UAE than ever before. Research says the e-commerce industry is growing at a rate that no other industry can match, putting it on pace to compete with the airline industry by 2020. Despite that, 85 per cent of residents in the UAE still prefer to finalise transactions through COD instead of paying through credit card online.

For e-commerce companies, this presents a financial and logistic challenge: How do you meet this market need and where do you obtain the resources to do so?
TFM Express offers an expedited and affordable solution with its COD service in Dubai. We can facilitate the delivery of your products to your customers as well as collect payments following fulfilment of transactions. With this service, small online businesses and e-commerce websites no longer have to invest on delivery personnel and assets to get product orders to customers.

More importantly, businesses who wish to partner with us gain access to a highly developed full-capacity national distribution network, which can be leveraged to penetrate other markets outside of the Dubai emirate. This means you can offer your products for delivery anywhere in the UAE.

Make the smart decision, with our COD service

If you wish to know more about our service, feel free to get in touch with us today. You can call us on 8008363, or you can email us at We have customer support personnel who are ready and waiting to assist you.